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Proofreading Team is one of the leading book editing companies in US that gives aspiring authors a breather. Turning your story into a book is tiring, but editing and proofreading it to perfection is also quite challenging. We offer professional book editing services at the cheapest prices to take some stress off your shoulders.

US Proofreaders & Editors That Refine Your Book To Perfection

We totally understand that as an author, you put all your heart and soul into your book. But remember that some minor mistakes or errors can spoil all your hard work. Proofreading Team offers cheap book editing services that can transform your draft into a publishable book. The refined and flawless version of your story is destined to be a bestseller and grab all the attention.

Highly Qualified Native American Proofreaders

Proofreading Team - 100% Satisfaction

Proofreading Team is a well-known name that is trusted by a big majority of authors in US. Our affordable book editing services give authors the peace of mind that their book is ready for publication.

Book Editing Team In US That Guarantees Flawless Results

Proofreading Team is a one-of-a-kind online book editing company that gets your content endorsed by a dominant team of American authors. You can rely on our affordable book editing services as we deliver immaculate content that is free from any major or minor slip-ups.

Things You Can Expect From Our Book Editing Services In USA

  • Mindful proofreading assistance by us
  • Rectifying typos & spelling mistakes
  • Improving the structure of content
  • Removing all sorts of plagiarism
  • Correcting grammar & punctuation
  • Keeping the actual and real tone intact
  • Honing as per the publishing standards
  • Making your text free from loopholes
  • Making the content sound professional
  • Checking your content through online tools

Book Editing Services In US That Works For All Genres

Proofreading Team has trained and experienced proofreaders who have worked on hundreds of books belonging to several different genres. We promise similar quality standards whether your book is an autobiography, business publication, or fiction novel. Editing a book is a piece of cake for our seasoned proofreaders.

Book Editing Services In US For Your Literary Masterpieces

We proudly claim to have the best proofreading and editing services in USA because we hunt down and correct the tiniest of mistakes from your content. Before finalising your draft, we double-check it through different tools and software. The goal is to convert your content into a literary masterpiece.

Online Book Editing That Has Created A Havoc Across US

We fix all the errors so your book can become a huge success not only in USA but all over the world. Our book editing experts thoroughly check every single page, paragraph, and sentence of your content.

You can stay assured that your book is in the right hands, and no one can stop it from achieving record sales globally. Our customer base has expanded to California, Texas, New York, Florida, and several states in the US.

Cheap & Cheerful Book Editing In US

Competent, skilled, and ruthless editors who remove mistakes from your content like a butcher trims the fat from meat. These expert editors can surely get your book over the finish line.

Book editing experts who have maintained an impressive 99% accuracy in their work.

Extensively Experienced native authors and editors who can work on a wide range of genres.

A team of highly qualified editors and proofreaders who at least have a master's degree

Proofreading Team - Alicia S. PhD

Alicia S. PhD

Book writer, Book Editor, Teacher

8 Years Of Experience
918 Books Edited

PhD English Literature, University Of Pittsburgh

MA English Literature, University Of Pittsburgh

Proofreading Team - Gary H. PhD

Gary H. PhD

Software Engineer, Author, Proofreader

7 Years Of Experience
834 Books Edited

PhD Computer Science, Stanford University

MS Computer Science, Stanford University

Proofreading Team - Peter N. PhD

Peter N. PhD

Project manager, Book writer, Entrepreneur

6 Years Of Experience
722 Books Edited

PhD Business Management, University Of Pennsylvania

MSc Business Management, University Of Pennsylvania

Proofreading Team - Ruby J. PhD

Ruby J. PhD

Architect, Site manager, Proofreader

5 Years Of Experience
656 Books Edited

PhD Architecture, Princeton University

MS Architecture, Princeton University

Proofreading Team - Arnold S. PhD

Arnold S. PhD

Accountant, Book editor, Finance Specialist

9 Years Of Experience
1018 Books Edited

PhD Economics, Harvard University

PhD Economics, Harvard University

Proofreading Team - Ariana K. PhD

Ariana K. PhD

Quantitative Analyst, Statistician, Author

10 Years Of Experience
1097 Books Edited

PhD Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MSc Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Proofreading Team - Simon J. PhD

Simon J. PhD

Book Video Editor, Researcher, Bioengineer

8 Years Of Experience
769 Books Edited

PhD Biomedical Engineering, University of Chicago

MS Biomedical Engineering, University of Chicago