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Proofreading Team - Elsa Dorothy

Elsa Dorothy

Educator, Public Speaker, Writer

9 Years Of Experience
9,482 Papers Edited

PhD Education, Marino Institute of Education

MSc Early Childhood Education, St. Angela’s College

Proofreading Team - Liam Elijah

Liam Elijah

Electrical Engineer, Computer Scientist, Writer

10 Years Of Experience
8,372 Papers Edited

PhD Electrical Engineering, Pontifical University of Maynooth

MSc Electrical Engineering, Pontifical University of Maynooth

Proofreading Team - Emma Noah

Emma Noah

Pharmacologist, Health Science Expert

13 Years Of Experience
22,009 Papers Edited

PhD Pharmacology, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

MSc Pharmacology, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Proofreading Team - Charlotte Benji

Charlotte Benji

Meteorologist, Weather and Climate Expert

3 Years Of Experience
4,762 Papers Edited

PhD Meteorology, University of Houston

MSc Geoscience, Stevens Institute of Technology

Proofreading Team - Theodore Ross

Theodore Ross

Head Station Nurse, Childcare Specialist

22 Years Of Experience
20,289 Papers Edited

PhD Nursing, University of Pittsburgh

MSc Nursing, University of Cincinnati

Proofreading Team - Isabella Lucas

Isabella Lucas

Nutritional Scientist, Dietician Expert

6 Years Of Experience
9,073 Papers Edited

PhD Nutritional Science, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

MSc Food and Diet Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Proofreading Team - Amelia Harper

Amelia Harper

Communicator, Speech Therapist, Certified Proofreader

9 Years Of Experience
10,862 Papers Edited

PhD Sign Language Science, Marino Institute of Education

MSc Special Education, San José State University